A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

What is Sandman Academy?

Sandman Academy is a video game based on a mythical creature called Sandman. In Sandman Academy you will play as an apprentice who is trying to graduate from the academy. 

As a player you move around the test rooms solving puzzles to provide sleeper better dreams and you are being evaluated by your decisions. Causing chaos and destroying objects leads to lower grade so you must consider in detail how you proceed.

Dear apprentice,

You've been taught in the ancient ways of the fabled Sandman, helping people sleep and giving them sweet dreams, and now the time has come for your final test...

Grab your light, journal and nightcap, it's time to finish your degree in the Sandman Academy.


John Blund

Install instructions

Download zip, export it to folder of your choice and press Sandman.exe to play. If you get message from Windows Smart Screen press More details and Run anyway.


Sandman Academy 0.1 Windows 360 MB
Sandman Academy 0.1 Linux 451 MB
Sandman Academy 0.1 Mac 395 MB

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