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Sandman Academy

3D stealth/puzzle game based on European folklore of Sandman · By Sandman Academy


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Sandman Academy Alpha - Hotfixes
Bug fixes: -Some audio sources have more range -Glass random shattering fixed -Some normals fixed -Narrative speakers fixed...
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Sandman Academy Alpha 0.1 Patch Notes
We are happy to publish our Alpha 0.1 release of Sandman Academy! This release includes many new features and fixes, below you can find a list for most of the...
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Sandman Academy Mac & Linux versions are available
We have released mac and linux versions of the game along with the Windows edition...
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Sandman Academy Pre-Alpha 0.03 Patch Notes
New features: New Sandbox mode, explore the test room freely with no Sleep Slider! 2 new unique quests First person character animations New UI icons Lots of ne...
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Sandman Academy Pre-Alpha 0.02 Patch Notes
Hey! We added some new features to optimize the gameplay. New features: Options features: Toggles to turn off volumetric lighting, bloom and motion blur Mouse...
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Sandman Academy Pre-Alpha 0.01 Patch Notes
Hello! Sandman Academy Pre-Alpha version is now released and we would gladly appreciate any feedback considering our game whether it is about bugs or the gamepl...
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